What is Valk Loyal?

When you make a booking with your Valk Account you receive € 5.00 per overnight stay on your Loyalty balance. With our deals, packages and last minutes you receive € 2.50 on your Loyalty balance per person per stay. Benefit with your Valk Account of privileges like a welcome drink and free use of the WiFi in the hotel.

If you sign in your Valk Account you can check your Loyalty balance. Whenever you make a next booking online with your Valk Account you can use your Loyalty balance or save more for your next booking.

Register your Valk Account directly

  1. Visit one of our websites and sign in with your Valk Account
  2. Make a reservation on one of our websites
  3. After making your reservation you receive directly a confirmation email about your booking
  4. One day before your stay you will receive an email informing you about your stay at the hotel
  5. After your stay you will receive an email with your new Loyalty balance (this balance will be valid for a period of 3 years) 
  6. Wherever you are, your balance on your Valk Account is always easy to access
  7. You can use your balance or save it for the next booking